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Sunny Backyard

About Us

Ujima Retreat Center, a family-owned & operated organization, was founded in 2022 in response to chronic stress, health issues, and social isolation that became more prominent during the COVID-19 crisis. Designed to be a conveniently located getaway, Ujima is truly a "retreat" from the overwhelming stressors of life. Our location is in the outskirts of city living [Urbana-Champaign, IL] and provides a convenient respite, that so many of us need.

Ujima Retreat Center sits on 7 acres of land and offers an all-weather sleeping cabin, 2.5 acre spring-fed pond, pavilion, barrel sauna, hot tub, gardens, barn, outhouse, and fire pit.

Ujima is about working together and solving each other’s problems collectively. We believe that a retreat experience in nature can be a healing vehicle for families, groups, and individuals.



Is to heal our community and make the planet a better place for ourselves and the next generation.

Team Retreat


Is to make retreats a vehicle of self-care for all and to be a meeting center for community wellness and problem-solving our issues together.

Mother and Daughter Bonding


  1. We provide a private nature setting designed for individuals, friends, small groups, families & teams to retreat.

  2. We promote the importance of humans reconnecting to nature, self & with others. 

  3. We provide retreat services to improve the wellbeing of people in our community.

Workout Class
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