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Meet the Founders! Ujima Retreat Center is a black-owned, family-operated business.


Banio "B.K." Koroma Jr.  CRMS

"As a host at Ujima Retreat Center, I've seen firsthand the growth that can come from helping families & small groups step outside of their comfort zone and engage in physical and mental challenges. Our nature environment and experienced providers creates meaningful moments to release stress, reflect, meditate, build confidence, and engage in adventure in a safe way.

Co-founding Ujima Retreat Center, is my way of providing a safe space for the community to come and destress, detox (digital), unplug from the burdens of life and rediscover nature.  I beleive that self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity. When we care for ourselves everything around us (family, career, health, finances, relationships) will come into balance as we find our inner peace. I am committed to helping you reach your personal goals and improve your life."

Vision to Succeed  (Manhood Training Camp)

The Mentoring Show 104.5 WRFU




Shanelle Koroma LPHA, LCSW

"It is no surprise to me that people are overwhelmed with the many demands of life. We are consistently being told to work longer and harder, only to feel more burnt out and despondent. My work as a healing professioal, has been about supporting people tackle the cares of life through rest, mindfulness, recreation, social connectedness, and wellness activities.


Community and nature have been a life-long coping skills of mine, and my co-founding of Ujima Retreat Center is a testament to that. My hope is to introduce nature as an environment for clarity, prayer, and just being. I want Ujima Retreat Center to be a place where striving isn't necessary and you can recieve specialized support and training from those who care."


Shanelle Clinical Counseling & Consulting



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