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Build the Plane While Flying It: Cabin Completed!

When we embarked on building a cabin, it was simply an idea that would eventually come to fruition. Sometimes naivety is the BEST thing, because if I had known everything it took I would have probably decided against it.

One time I was helping the company I worked for at the time, launch a new program. I personally was responsible for all the operations and building it from the ground up, which was super stressful. THING IS, my boss wasn't stressed at all. He was super laid back and would even leave work early. To say I was"mad" is an understatement.

My boss came to my office one evening and inquired about how I was doing. I started explaining all the logistics, and things not yet planned for and he listened and nodded his head. When I was done, he smiled at me and said,

"Shanelle, sometimes you have to build the plane while flying it."

I was perplexed by that statement because it isn't logical! Even if I had a plane, flying while building it is deadly. But then it hit me, the stress of being on a plane while flying it was comparable to the stress I had building it on the ground!

My boss conserved all of his energy for the actual program starting. I started out the program already winded. My boss created his systems for the program thru test and trial. I had to deal with the frustration of changing everything I had already "worry-planned".

What I learned from his analogy is that STRESS IS FUEL. You can use it for worry or use it for action. When we started the cabin, I literally jumped on the plane and began building it. Was it scary? Yes. Was it Hard? Heck Yes. Would I do it again? No, lol.

Luckily for me, I don't have to do it again. The plane is flying. A full-service cabin that will serve our community for years to come.

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