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Cabin Construction Underway!

My husband and I did not grow up in the country. We both lived in the suburbs pretty much our whole lives. We actually used to drive on the highway looking at the homes in the fields and say, "I would never live like that!"

Never Say Never!

What we were actually looking for was a Retreat Center.

This is our cabin in the works! It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, living room, fireplace, loft area, and lake view (Urbana, IL).

I didn't immediately see a cabin when I first saw this structure. I didn't even know this structured was called a Quonset or even knew how to pronounce"Kwan-Sit".

It wasn't until I revisited my actual blueprint drawing, envisioning the dream of owning a retreat center, did I see that this existing structure already laid where my Cabin was drafted.

In order to be successful, one just has to open their eyes, ignite their inner creativity, and effectively problem solve. Once you have a VISION, draw up a blueprint of what you have in mind, think creatively about how you will get there, and adapt along the way.

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